Modular Inverter Chillers
Available Selection up to - 222 Ton / 260 HP
  • Extremely efficient
  • Save > 25% energy bills monthly!
  • Quick breakeven
  • Built to last
Product Brochure | Technical Specifications

After 10 years of research and field trials, Shelton VFD Inverter Chillers are the epitome of energy efficient chillers. Designed for long run savings, Shelton VFD Inverter chillers are especially suited for industries with long operating hours. This comes down to above 25% savings of energy bills monthly, and cost breakeven periods of between 3 - 9 months compared to conventional chillers. Inverter technology also significantly minimizes cycling of components ( Repeated On - Offs ), hence reducing wear and tear. As a result, customers enjoy a extended lifespan of their equipment and minimal downtime, while trimming maintenance and repair cost. All VFD Inverter Chillers are assembled and tuned to individual requirements, please contact us with your requirements.
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