Compact VFD Inverter Chillers
Available Selection from - 3.9 ~ 15.5 Ton / 5 ~ 20 HP
  • Fully variable speed compressor lowers electrical consumption
  • Built-in tank and water pump for hassle-free installation
  • Suited for decentralised cooling systems
Technical Specifications: AC5 | IAC10 | IAC15

Shelton Compact VFD Inverter Chillers harnesses inverter technology to help you reduce energy use over 30%. The inverter technology also has a smaller starting current and torque, eliminating large inrush current associated with conventional units. As with all Shelton Chillers, there is minimum cycling of the chiller unit, thereby prolonging the chiller's lifespan. At a competitive price, it is available as an All-In-One Chiller complete with hydraulic systems, but yet customizable for customers with specialised needs. All Compact VFD Inverter Chillers are assembled and tuned to individual requirements, please contact us with your requirements.
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