Heat Pump
  • Provides Hot Water up to 75°C, with temperature boost up to 100°C
  • 3 times more efficient than traditional heaters and boilers
  • Save > 70% energy bills monthly
  • Fit for potable water usage
Shelton Heat Pumps generate hot water for usage at a fraction of the cost of a traditional heater. Upfront investment in a heat pump quickly pays itself back, with tremendous energy savings. Shelton Heat Pumps are 3 times more efficient than traditional heaters, with the option of recovering cold air for air conditioning purposes. Heat Pumps can be built with condensers that are fit for potable water usage, with leak and contamination proof technology.
Heat Pumps are great for industries that requires constant heating, and for commercial and residential buildings that require potable water for swimming pools, gymnasium, canteens and cafes.
All Heat Pumps are assembled and tuned to individual requirements, please contact us with your requirements.
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