Heat Recovery Chillers with Inverter
  • Recovers waste heat for usage
  • Free hot water at no additional cost perpetually
  • Inverter Technology Driven
  • Save > 70% energy bills monthly
  • Versatile Usage
Heat Recovery Chillers with VFD Inverter Technology are an extremely versatile and efficient unit, capable of producing chilled and hot water simultaneously for usage. Hot Water is generated from the recovery of waste condenser heat, without extra heaters and heating device. These units are popular, and are cost effective substitutes for industrial heating equipments. Recoverable water temperature of up to 75°C, can be used for humidity control, residential / commercial potable water usage, and industries with simultaneous requirement for heating and cooling. Hot Water is provided free at no additional cost perpetually, as heat energy is recovered from waste to be discharged from the condenser. This presents a whopping 70% energy savings compared to conventional combination of Chillers and Industrial Heaters. All Heat Recovery VFD Inverter Chillers are assembled and tuned to individual requirements, please contact us with your requirements for further advice.
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